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Car Alarms Houston

Your car should always have a car alarm, especially if you have an expensive stereo system or GPS navigation system in your car. Moreover, the security of your car is not something you should take lightly. While there are cheap options, the quality of these products are significantly inferior to those which are more expensive but worthwhile. High quality car alarms will usually run around a couple hundred dollars and they offer several features and services. In addition, car alarms may earn you an insurance discount.

There are two ways a car alarm is set in motion, active and passive. Passive alarms activate when the ignition is off and all the car doors have been shut. However the driver must press a button or enter a code to turn an active alarm on.

When buying a car alarm, it is important to consider which features best fit you and your car. A car alarm can offer:

At Car Audio Zone and Car Stereo Outlet in Houston, we stock and service a wide range of car alarm and keyless entry products, including: