Car Audio Zone Houston: Your Destination for 360° Birds Eye Camera Systems

Transform Your Driving Perspective with Car Audio Zone

In Houston, Car Audio Zone leads the way in offering sophisticated aftermarket 360° Birds Eye camera systems. These systems provide a comprehensive view of your vehicle’s surroundings, enhancing safety and ease of maneuvering.

Innovative Features of 360° Birds Eye Camera Systems

Our range of Birds Eye camera systems includes:

  • Multiple Camera Views:Four or six ultra-wide-angle cameras provide a complete 360° coverage around the vehicle, ensuring no blind spots.

  • Versatile Viewing Options:Choose from 2D Birds Eye, 3D Birds Eye, split-screen, or individual camera views. Our systems offer automatic view triggering for optimal convenience.

  • High-Quality Video Recording:Equipped with a 7” HD touchscreen monitor, our systems support up to 1080p HD video recording on 512GB SD cards or 2TB SSDs.

System Components and Limitations:

  • Essential Components:Each system includes a Birds Eye 360 Control Box/DVR, HD Monitor, cameras, GPS antenna, and calibration mats.

  • Camera Placement:Proper installation is crucial, with camera height requirements for effective calibration and functionality.

Expert Installation Services at Car Audio Zone

Professional Installation: Our skilled technicians in Houston ensure precise installation and configuration of the system, adhering to vehicle-specific requirements.

Installation of Customer Systems: If you have a preferred 360° camera system, bring it to us. We'll provide the same quality installation service.

Why Choose Car Audio Zone in Houston?

  • Enhanced Safety:Our sensors help you gauge proximity to obstacles, vehicles, and even small unseen hazards like animals or children.

  • Custom Solutions:We provide both rear and front-mounted sensors, protecting your vehicle from potential bumper and spoiler damage.

Customized Parking Solutions for Every Vehicle

  • A Range of Options:Choose from electromagnetic or ultrasonic sensors, each offering unique advantages in detecting nearby objects.

  • Visual and Audible Alerts:Our sensors come with options like audible beeps and color-coded LED displays for intuitive warnings as you approach obstacles.

Expert Installation Services

  • Professional Fitting:We ensure seamless and discreet installation of parking sensors on any vehicle, maintaining its aesthetic appeal.

  • Installation of Customer Products:Bring your own parking sensor systems, and our experts will install them with the same level of professionalism and care.

Why Car Audio Zone Stands Out in Houston

  • Affordable Quality:We offer a wide selection of high-quality parking sensor systems to fit your budget and vehicle needs.

  • Installation of Customer Products:Opt for professional installation at Car Audio Zone for maximum reliability and functionality.

Visit Car Audio Zone in Houston Today

For top-tier parking sensors and expert installation services, Car Audio Zone in Houston is your go-to destination. Enhance your vehicle's safety and ease of parking with our advanced sensor systems. Contact us at (281) 530-8287 to learn more or schedule an installation.

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