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Car iPod and Auxiliary Integration Houston. Have your car stereo playing straight from your iPod for songs you choose with flawless quality.

Listening to the radio can be frustrating, especially when all you have is the simple request of listening to music on the way to work. The radio show hosts talk for what seems like forever, play a song or two, and go straight to commercial only to repeat the process again. It is not too uncommon for a 45 minute transit to consist of only 4 or 5 songs. That is where Car Audio Zone and Car Stereo Outlet can help! With our car iPod and Auxiliary integration services, we can fix your iPod input and have you singing along in no time. We can also help you find the best way to listen to your iPod or other music playing device in the car straight through the stereo. Contact us today to get your iPod or Auxiliary integration working as good as new.

Why iPod and Auxiliary Integration is Superior

The radio is great, just not the best option for music. The radio is a good way to receive information and news as well as hear the latest songs. However, you are at the mercy of commercial breaks, and if the station you are listening to is playing a song you dislike, you are out of luck. With an iPod integration system or Auxiliary integration, you can control which songs are played and you do not have to sit through boring commercials. Both integration systems provide superior quality and convenience. The iPod integration system adapts your iPod to the radio through the charging dock on your device adding the benefit of charging the device while playing music. The Auxiliary integration system connects through the headphone jack and although it does not charge the device, it tends to provide a clearer sound. A few reasons an iPod or other MP3 player is better than the radio include:

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No commercials or talking which interrupt your valuable listening time.

You are the in control and decide which songs get played, when, and how often.

If you own an iPhone or similar device, some systems allow you to listen to calls through car speakers, creating a convenient and safe way to talk and drive

If you are traveling long distances, you do not need to worry about being out of range for your routine stations and unaware of stations in the area, you can listen to your favorite songs anywhere.

With so many benefits associated with a new iPod or Auxiliary integration system, there is no reason to wait! Our great deals and unmatched customer service will help you with every step along the way deciding exactly which system is best for you. Our experts can set you up with whatever you need, or diagnose exactly which issues are plaguing your stereo. We will repair the system for an extremely competitive price in the area. There is no reason to wait! Contact Car Audio Zone or Car Stereo Outlet in Houston for a top quality iPod and Auxiliary integration system.

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