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Enhance Your Audio Experience with Car Subwoofers

When it's time to immerse yourself in the deep, pulsating bass of a subwoofer, Car Audio Zone in the Greater Houston has you covered. Whether you're on the road or navigating the open waters, our selection of car and boat subwoofers ensures you'll feel the lows of your favorite music just as the artists intended. We offer exceptional brands like Focal, JL Audio, Alpine, Hertz, Sundown, Apocalypse, Audiomobile, Wet Sounds and more at unbeatable prices.

Car Subwoofer Systems

To truly groove while behind the wheel, you need the beat and the bass. The finest car subwoofers fill your audio with resounding low-end frequencies that leave an unforgettable impression on you and everyone around you. The potent subwoofers available at Car Audio Zone boost your street cred and take your audio to new depths. Our vast inventory showcases premium brands, guaranteeing you access to the best car subwoofers and boat subwoofers on the market. Whether you're tuned into your favorite local radio station, streaming a road-trip playlist from your iPhone, or entertaining the kids in the backseat with a movie, we have the equipment you need for a complete auditory experience.

Mobile Audio Subwoofer Kits & Components

Complete your car stereo system with a lasting thump that resonates. Car Audio Zone offers an extensive selection of subwoofers designed for component speaker systems, which you can integrate into a new or existing enclosure. If you're looking to build an entire sound system from scratch, our enclosed car subwoofers are expertly tuned for superior audio quality. For compact cars, our powered subwoofers deliver impressive sound in a small package. Explore our convenient boat and car subwoofer kits for an all-in-one solution, including speakers, drivers, and amplifiers, or mix and match with separate woofer grilles, re-cone kits, and other components to create a customized audio system. We stock both vehicle-specific and universal subwoofers from renowned brands like JL Audio, Alpine, Kenwood, Kicker, Boss Audio, and more.

Marine Subwoofers

Take your tunes beyond the shore with marine-grade subwoofers that can withstand the harshest conditions. Car Audio Zone offers a selection of marine subwoofers built with materials designed to resist saltwater and UV rays, ensuring your music remains uninterrupted, even amidst waves and scorching sun. These rugged subwoofers deliver the low frequencies you and your crew crave, making them suitable for boats or off-road adventures.

Your One-Stop Bass Destination

Since 2003, Car Audio Zone has been your go-to source for the finest car subwoofers and audio/stereo equipment.
If you lack the time or expertise for subwoofer installation in your vehicle or boat, worry not. As an authorized dealer for numerous brands, we offer professional installation services at our location our installers are very experienced and perform clean installations.

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