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The "Child Check-Mate System" is an advanced electronic child safety alarm, meticulously designed to remind drivers of the presence of children in their vehicles. This crucial reminder plays a pivotal role in ensuring the safe departure of all children at the conclusion of each journey.

An electronic child safety alarm is an alarm system seamlessly integrated into the vehicle, prompting the driver to inspect the vehicle before exiting to confirm the presence of children, thereby enhancing safety.

Our warning alarm system was brought to life through the collaborative efforts of dedicated vehicle operators, a concerned operator, and a skilled bus mechanic, uniting their expertise to transform this concept into reality.

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Key Features of the Child Check-Mate System:

GPS Integration

Seamlessly integrates with existing third-party GPS and camera systems, delivering real-time actionable alerts related to Child Check-Mate events.

Motion Detection

Continuously monitors the vehicle for internal movement after hours, offering operators peace of mind.

Voice Instruction

Incorporates an external speaker for audible instructions and alerts, ensuring drivers and technicians stay informed.


Highly customizable, the Child Check-Mate system can be tailored to meet regional, operational requirements, and driver routines.


Provides audible instructions in up to four different languages through the external speaker.


Child Check-Mate systems can be fine-tuned to operate in accordance with specific state/county regulations and operational needs.

Industry Standard

Installed in over 350,000 vehicles globally, the Child Check-Mate System remains the pinnacle of child reminder systems, ensuring that drivers inspect their vehicles before exiting, enhancing overall safety for children on board.

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